Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My two classes

So I'm whiling away the months until my hike can begin again by taking classes at City College. I have a database class and a Unix class.

I know only a little about databases. Just whatever I've been able to figure out when asked to do something for a job. My class is exactly what I need. At the end of the class I'll know how to design a database and understand all the issues you have consider to design a database correctly. I'll know SQL.

The teacher is a hoot. He's funny and passionate about the subject. He reminds me of Karl Halbach, my geology teacher when I first started City College in the 80s. He was so passionate about geology that you couldn't help loving the subject. I ended up majoring in it.

My other class is just an introduction to Unix. We'll learn the utilities. That's perfect. I know only what I've been shown to get a job done and only what else I've figured out on my own. I know enough to be dangerous.

It's nice to be around people all excited about computer engineering and programming again. It reminds me why I enjoyed this field. I wish I was a computer programmer.

Maybe taking these classes is a good thing. Maybe I should take more time and do it. Get a solid education in programming.

How to make the money last so I can do it?

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