Saturday, January 17, 2009

125 miles to the PCT

I've mapped out my route to the PCT. It is 125 miles long. That's a long way without a resupply. I would still have about 15 more miles to go to reach Hikertown, my first chance for a resupply. My route will probably not allow for 25 mile days. The PCT is so open and easy to follow you can do that sort of thing. Regular backcountry trails are not the same.

Now I'm worried about my ability to carry enough food for the journey.

I'm also concerned with the amount of road walking I will have to do once I reach the Pyramid Lake area. It's going to be very long and tiring. Perhaps this will be a blessing and someone will give me a ride. Maybe even give me a ride to Castaic where I can get something to eat.

Well, I guess I will continue to research this.

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