Monday, December 08, 2008

Being a Free Agent

Here's a really interesting article about people leaving traditional work to become part of what has been called the "Free Agent Nation."

I see myself in some ways as having done the same. In other ways, I see myself as having just dropped out. I wish I could find more web development work. I really do enjoy that kind of work. It has not been easy to find enough work to stay busy at it and also get paid.

I also wish sometimes that there was some kind of real, face-to-face group of other web developers I could be a part of. I miss the good old days working with Patrick and Will and talking shop and cracking lame programmer jokes at lunch.

Someday soon I hope my two jobs will be finished and I can put them on my resume. If they don't ever finish, I may have to rethink this free agent thing.

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