Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Buy Nothing Day is coming up!

This Friday is Buy Nothing Day. As a cure to the wasteful consumerism encouraged on "Black Friday" (it truly is a black day for the Earth when we hardy consumers consume even more), we are invited to participate in Buy Nothing Day.

Almost every day is Buy Nothing Day for me, so I'll probably participate by default (amazing how good a cafe sandwich tastes when you never go out to eat anymore). I'm not buying Christmas gifts this year, either. I've managed to taper off over the last few years by contributing to Heifer International instead. Buying poor people goats and chickens is much better than buying rich people more gizmos and doodads that start out as oil and chemicals and end up as ewaste polluting China or plastic particles bobbing in the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Do the planet a favor and focus on love and family this year instead of unsustainable consumer capitalism.

(That's the preachy-est post I've ever made. Sorry about that.)

1 comment:

  1. preach it baby preach it...that was the most beautiful thing I read today. I bought groceries...I hope that doesn't count. I was waiting for all the madness of the people buying the unordinary to stuff their faces with for yesterday. Why do people HAVE to buy gifts, especially for a day marked on a calendar? I think gifts should be just because...

    thanx for the wonderful words of wisdom.