Friday, November 21, 2008

Bicycles keep coming my way

I found two more bicycles the other day. Both are Raleigh 3-speeds. I seem to attract classic bikes from the 70s.

I saw them leaning against some poles near my house. I decided if I came by later and they were still there that I would take them. I came by later and there they were. A men's and a women's Raleigh 3-speed.

Neither work completely. One has fenders falling off. The other has tires so cracked and worn they can't even be temporarily ridden on. I don't know if they shift or work properly otherwise. They look like they do. So I'll get some new tires and take 'em down to Bicicentro and see if I can get them working again.

I'll have to open up Piper's Classic Bicycles soon to sell all the classic bikes I keep finding. I still have the Schwinn 3-speed I found a few months ago. It still doesn't work properly. I'm no bike mechanic, but the bikes come to me anyway.


  1. Congratulations is in order for publishing your second book. You are becoming a prolific writer, and we readers are the beneficiaries.

  2. Heh heh. The second book, Santa Barbara Hikes, was just a few of my hikes on my web site put into printed form.

    I look at it this way, on the web, people make a request to a server for a file and it's sent to a web browser. A print-on-demand book is the same but instead people make a request for a printed book and it comes by mail to your house.

  3. Well, you took the time to put something into words. And it is much more than a mere file. Keep it up, I enjoy your writing.