Monday, October 06, 2008

Too many job opportunites right now

Here we are in a downturn in the economy and I find myself with too many job opportunities.

Just yesterday I was offered a job. I will go there today and begin. It's a very small job; just something to do until something more comes along. I will help out at the Menagerie, a store that sells birds and supplies for birds and has a noisy bird sanctuary in back.

Meanwhile, I've been involved in the interview process for a corporate gig doing web development. It will probably pay well and give me an opportunity to learn more new things in web development. Right now it is serving as a sort of incentive to see if I can get my own freelance business going. I would really rather freelance.

I am not finding a lot of work freelancing. I am thinking I need a new strategy for finding clients. Perhaps I could make a flyer and post it where potential customers like to go. I want to provide web dev to people with tiny businesses. Right now, I think people with home businesses or other small businesses probably never go anywhere but the grocery store. But maybe they visit art supply shops, too. After all, part of the reason for running your own very small business is having more time and balance in your life and being able to do things that matter to you.

Most people with very small businesses try to build web sites themselves or else they hire students. They end up with crappy web sites. I can make them better. Since the PCT taught me a lot about living simply, I don't feel compelled to charge a fortune. Just a reasonable rate that doesn't shortchange other web developers. Being quick, my rate is affordable because I can get a lot done in a short amount of time. And I don't know the meaning of the words "it can't be done" like inexperienced web developers.

I suppose I can still work on my own on the side if the corporate gig comes through. But I'd rather continue toward my own business.

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