Friday, August 08, 2008

My shoes part II

While I was on the trail I had ordered a replacement pair of shoes from Zappos and had them sent to Vermilion Valley Resort. But I never made it there because I left the trail at Bishop Pass and then returned a little further down the trail. So I never got my shoes.

I tried to call the resort a few times but never got a person. Just an answering machine. I have heard things about the resort, like how they like to accumulate leftover hiker stuff and sell it, so I gave up and figured that's probably what they did with my shoes.

I called Zappos yesterday to ask if they still had the shoes in stock so that I might order a new pair. They decided to send the resort a return label so that they can return the shoes and I can get a refund on my credit card.

That's good service! I didn't even ask for that. I figured I would just have to accept it as a loss.

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