Thursday, August 07, 2008

My old shoes

I fixed my old shoes, the ones I bought in Cabazon and wore through the Sierras until they fell apart coming over Bishop Pass.

I sewed the broken lacing hole thingies back together and put a new shoelace on.

I tried them on. If only I'd had that second pair I ordered and never received because I never arrived at Vermilion Valley Resort I might have made it much further on my hike with much less foot pain.

These things are like slippers. Ahh.


  1. Hey Piper,

    Good to read you had a great hike. Sorry we never got to meet but I did meet your parents in Chester.

    You might want to try icing your feet. It helps me.

    My feet are numb, swollen, and sore also.

    Nice you left some trail to come back to. This isn't the best year to hike Oregon anyway--too much snow.

    Maybe I'll see you out there another year.

    I head back to the trail, after a rest in Portland, soon.

    Take care,

  2. I guess you passed me by when I was in a "town stop" in Santa Barbara back when I got fed up with the snowy passes on the JMT and wanted to quit.

    I don't do well with snow and the reports I have heard about it in Oregon make me think I wouldn't have been happy had I decided to go further than Ashland.

    Enjoy your hike!