Friday, April 18, 2008

Revise my resupply?

I realize that I'm just a mere two weeks away from leaving but I'm thinking about revising my resupply schedule.

There are nice hiker towns I'm going to miss with my current resupply schedule. It might be better for me to have fewer smaller resupplies and go to these towns where I can get the full flavor of the experience rather than further apart mail drops that have me carrying a lot of heavy food.

Also, I could break up some of the hotter sections further ahead into smaller pieces with mail drops.

Or perhaps I could just drop one of my mail drops out. That's a waste of food.

Or maybe I should just keep them as is and just be happy knowing that I don't have to shop when I get to these nice towns. Just have a nice meal, wash some clothes, soak up atmosphere and be on my way.

It's so confusing.

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