Friday, April 04, 2008

Hiked in my Chacos today

I put 25 pounds on my back and did my training hike up Rattlesnake to the waterfall on Tunnel wearing my Chaco sandals. I have to say, these are the best shoes I have.

I wasn't sure that I could backpack with Chacos. My training hike is pretty rocky with some sections of loose rocks that are easy to stub toes and trip on. The trail seemed less rocky than normal wearing my Chacos. In fact, after a while I completely forgot about my feet, which is a miracle since mostly I am always thinking about them. I never stubbed a toe or anything even though my sandals hit the rocks in a stubbing-toe kind of way several times.

Even if my pack ends up being 30 pounds I'm still bringing my Chacos as extra footwear. Once I'm able to walk all day in them, I'll send my shoes home or ahead to wherever I might encounter snow.

On another note: Ticks! One actually bit me on my arm where I had rolled up my sleeve. I pulled him out just as he started. Ouch. The other was crawling up my leg under my pants. I just threw him over the balcony.

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