Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As the Crow Flies

I found this cool blog. As the Crow Flies. Lots of tips on long-distance hiking and on having a long-distance hiker lifestyle. I admire this woman a great deal. I like her cabin.

I went to the doctor today. My last doctor before my unemployed life begins.

He froze off some pre-cancerous skin lesions. Ouch that hurts on my upper lip. Now it's getting all hard and stiff.

I also got a couple of travel prescriptions for in case I get an infection or something.

I've been corresponding with a friend who has hiked the PCT a few times. He's surprised I don't have more questions. Perhaps I'm under-estimating this, I don't know. But aside from a few questions, I'm not sure what else to ask. I learned a lot trekking in Nepal and from our shorter trips. It seems you just put what you need in a pack and away you go.

One thing I liked that the Crow flies lady wrote is that happiness is all about your present state of mind. She says, "Keep yourself happy, well fed, and hydrated and you will be fine." That's really all it takes in real life, too. It's not about money or possessions or elusive "security". A beautiful sunrise can bring happiness and if you feel happy, you are happy.

Only 3 more days of working after this one is over and I'm free.


  1. Hey Diane,

    I'll be on the PCT this year too. Hope to meet you on the trail.

    I also have a slow metabolism, and though a curse at home, it's a super power on the trail.

    Have a great trip, see you out there.


  2. I hope to meet you too. If you hike faster than me, you'll probably walk right by me.