Sunday, November 11, 2007

Plastic sucks

I hate plastic. It's a menace to the planet.

Yesterday I took an urban hike down town. There is plastic trash everywhere. Plastic bags, plastic candy wrappers, plastic cups, polystyrene foam take-out containers. It's absolutely everywhere. People are pigs and they've been handed a tool to ensure their trash persists into eternity.

I see it everywhere. When I ride my bike it's all over the sides of the road. When I drive my car it's all over the sides of the highway. When I take a walk it's on the sidewalk and in the creeks. It's choking the ocean. I'm pretty sure plastic waste will kill us off more certainly than global warming.

I carry a canvas shopping bag wherever I go. Then if I need to buy something I refuse the plastic bag and put my purchase in my canvas bag. It is handy for something to sit on when I eat my lunch at the park, too.

Recently I decided to switch to Dove soap bars instead of the plastic bottles of body wash. I wish I could do that with all my personal care products, but there's nothing available to replace plastic shampoo bottles and plastic underarm deoderant containers. I think you could probably put deoderant in a wax-coated cardboard container. When I worked in the floral industry a lot of flowers came shipped that way. I think it would work for deoderant.

Perhaps shampoo could come in a recyclable aluminum can like soda pop does.

Supposedly there is compostable plastic. We put some in our compost pile. I don't think it has dissolved yet. Dissolved into what I wonder?

Something needs to change about this.

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