Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fluting in the park

Today was a lovely day so I walked to the park for lunch like I always do. I sat under a tree and practiced my flute. There were a lot more people out than usual. I try to ignore them otherwise I get flummoxed and make too many mistakes. I forgot my sunglasses so I closed my eyes.

I could hear people going by on the bike path a few times. Once I detected someone going very slowly. When I opened my eyes it was an old man and a younger man walking. Fortunately they weren't staring at me.

On my way back to the office I saw the old man on his return trip on the bike path and he mentioned hearing me play my flute. I was embarrassed, but at least he liked it. It's nice that people hear so little live music and even less live flute music that they think I'm any good. Of course he could have just been polite.

The session is tomorrow. I always look forward to it, but I end up not playing as much during the session as I would at home. I will bring my big boxwood flute, but lately I feel that my Folk Flute is playing better. It's got such a lovely bottom end.

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