Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm loving the weight lifting

Wow, I'm loving this weight lifting. It makes me feel so good. I'm increasing my weights each time, which is typical for someone new. It gives me a sense of "hey, this is working!" to see progress every time.

I love doing squats. My legs look awesome when I do them. Just standing in front of a mirror I don't see much muscle, but do some squats in front of a mirror and my legs are like all muscle.

Weight lifting makes me very hungry. I eat meat, meat and veggies or meat and potatoes or meat, veggies and potatoes at every meal. Including breakfast. That does the trick. Nothing else keeps me feeling strong, healthy and not hungry.

I can't wait until I can put more weight on the bar. I think my friend from high school might be right. She told me long ago that I had a body made for body building. I'm not doing exactly body building, just strength, but it's pretty close to the same. I might not win any contests, but I think I can get pretty strong. That's what I want: to be strong, to have visible muscle, to never feel weak, to stop being so sore all the time whenever I bend over to pull a weed or clean the tub.

I think I will run this afternoon, unless this morning's weights make me too sore. Then I'll just walk. It's super foggy outside today. Running in the fog might feel good.

Meanwhile, in other news, I finally got my butt into the tattoo shop to make an appointment. I have an old, faded ankle tattoo that I want spruced up. Ed hat recommended the tattoo shop that did my PCT tattoo. (I have a map of the PCT and the PCT logo on my leg.) My appointment is five months from now. That's how in-demand the artist is. He said it would be fun to do my tattoo because it's at the stage where it's light enough he can take some creative license with it. I will definitely encourage that. Better to have an artist make the design than me.

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