Monday, October 01, 2012

I ran up the bluffs today

I continue with my slow Maffetone running. Today I ran up the bluff to the university from Goleta beach. It's the first time I've been able to do that since I began this.

Last week I noticed I was running around 127bpm most of the time. Today it seemed to be around 126. It was a hot day, too. I make a little bit of progress every day. Seeing real progress so quickly spurs me to continue.

Yesterday I ran like this for almost 3 hours. I ran from my house to Arroyo Burro beach and then through Hope Ranch along the horse trail that parallels the scenic drive. The horse trail is nice and shaded. My feet were super dusty. I enjoyed the run immensely even though it was very slow as always. It was a fun adventure. I did this run without any breakfast. I ate a big "fruit" salad afterward of avocado, tomato, fresh figs, pesto and olive oil and vinegar. So refreshing!

I am looking forward to when I can run out my door and up to Inspiration Point. Or on some of the other trails. I'll pack just my collapsible cup to drink from small creeks (the ones that dogs don't go in) and drinking faucets. I won't need to bring any food with me. The beauty of this kind of running is you train your body to use your body fat for energy so you don't run out of energy or bonk and you don't have to worry about eating.

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