Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feeling great

I'm feeling great these days. I try to convey this to The Man, but it's just hard to describe. I feel like Super Woman. Eating all this grass-fed and pastured beef, butter and chicken, lots of liver and no grains or sugar or vegetable oils makes me feel like a completely other animal. I'm not the same person at all.

I have been taking a core fitness class twice a week. We do things like squats, sit-ups and push-ups. In the 50 minute class only about 20 minutes of it are the hard strength things. So it's not too bad. I do everything the wimpiest way possible so far. Knee push-ups and knee planks, for example. It really helps though. It has made me feel so much stronger while hiking. I feel great.

I continue to lose weight slowly. I can wear my PCT 2009 hiking pants again. I can wear lots of stuff I buried in the closet again. This diet is great. Lose weight and put big hunks of butter on your mashed celery root and sweet potatoes. Eat roast duck until you are ready to puke and lose weight.

What I do now is I drink a "bulletproof" coffee that is made with melted butter, coconut oil and unsweetened chocolate, emulsified in the blender, for breakfast. Then I eat canned fish for lunch around 1 or 2. Sardines or salmon usually. Then I eat dinner. I like to make meat of some sort with a starchy root or tuber and some veggies and plenty of butter. The Man tends to make lighter fare like skinless chicken and steamed veggies. I just put a ton of butter on it. The bulletproof coffee with the fish is kind of austere but I don't feel hungry. The total calories for the day is probably pretty low. But I feel great all day, energized, focused and not hungry.

I just ordered a bunch of pemmican from US Wellness Meats. I looked at making it myself but it looks too difficult. Pemmican is just beef tallow and dried meat mixed together. Theirs is not completely dry so you have to keep it refrigerated or frozen. Sounds like you can carry it for a few days in a backpack, so I figure this will make great backpacking food. You can eat it as is or melt it into a soup for dinner. Some people spread it on crackers. Apparently it takes a bit to get used to the taste. It was quite expensive. I hope that I like the taste.

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