Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mushroom season has begun

Last weekend I did my annual Ultimate Hike. We hike 17.5 miles and do a mile of elevation gain. The profile doesn't just go up to a summit and back down. Instead we go up and down all day, with worse hills toward the end. It's a brutal hike for people who like brutal hikes. Everyone who came had a great time and we did the hike in record time without rushing. We started at 8am and were home by 4pm.

Yesterday I attended the annual Topatopa potluck hike. We hike 7 miles with 4700 feet elevation gain to the edge of the Topatopa bluffs. The hike gets steeper and steeper toward the summit. At the top we have a potluck. Then we hike 7 miles back to the car.

On last weekend's Ultimate hike I noticed some chanterelle mushrooms on the side of the trail. I picked them all and took them home. Yesterday, while I was hiking to the Topatopa bluffs, The Man was out visiting our mushroom tree. He came home with a plastic grocery bag full of big chanterelles. Tonight we ate enormous plates of mushrooms for dinner.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. Our mushroom tree will get more mushrooms. Mushroom season has begun!

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