Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cow-eating bird

My parrot always wants some of whatever I am eating. She'll eat almost anything. Since I've been eating more meat, I've given her meat. She loves it. When in nature would a bird ever eat a cow? A fish I can understand, but a cow or a pig? She loves beef and pork. Today she got eggs. She ate it all up.

She has a fatty tumor. She has been eating one of these supposedly healthy extruded pellet diets, which is largely corn, along with some fresh corn, apples, grapes and other fruits like bananas. The vet said that was too much corn. I tried not giving her the fresh corn but I thought that was silly to withhold the fresh stuff and not the processed stuff. So I switched her to birdseed instead, which I've always been told is junk food for birds. I'm starting to wonder, like with the dietary advice we get that makes us fat and sick, if it's the same for parrots. Unfortunately I do not know what Aratinga acuticaudata actually eats in the wild. Let's hope it's something like cows, pigs, eggs and salmon, birdseed, nuts and fruit.

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  1. Birds love meat. Many of them prefer it, like jays, crows, vultures, etc. I put out eggs for the ravens at my cabin...