Monday, September 19, 2011

Endangered species for dinner

They had steelhead trout for sale at the grocery store. Steelhead is an endangered species that lives in local creeks. There are prohibitions posted at trailheads against fishing for them. The ones at the store were farm-raised. I'm sure it was bad to buy it, but I was curious what it tastes like.

According to something I read, Steelhead are the same exact fish as Rainbow trout, with the one difference being that rainbow trout do not spend part of their life in the ocean and steelhead do. I wonder if the farm-raised ones ever spent time in the ocean. Probably not.

The trout was obviously cut from a very large fish. It was pink like salmon but not quite as pink as salmon. It was very thick like salmon. It was delicious. Tasted much like salmon and much like trout. I would choose this if it was on a menu.

I cooked it simply, frying it in a pat of butter with some onions and swiss chard. A one-pan meal.

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