Friday, September 30, 2011

Can a high fat diet fix my lingering hiker hunger?

I have been running on my lunch breaks at work during the week. It's been good exercise. I think I may have lost a little weight. At least it seems like the luv handles are less unsightly. I usually run down to the lagoon, make two laps around the "island" then complete the loop around the lagoon. The other run I do is out to Patterson Ave. on the bike path. I take the dirt path next to the bike path. A few times now I've taken off my shoes and run barefoot because a large portion of the dirt path is really soft dirt that feels wonderful under your feet. A few times I've run barefoot on the beach, too, but the tar and the tide really puts a damper on the beach running.

The running has made me very hungry. I want to lose weight but when the hunger starts up it's like I'm on the PCT again and I feel very desperate. That hunger and the desperate feeling that comes with it was one thing I really did not like about the PCT.

I came across a video from a Swedish doctor advocating a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. He says it cures his patients of obesity and diabetes. He eats it himself. The dinners he eats didn't look really all that outlandish. I did a low carb diet one and lost a lot of weight. But I did it as a vegetarian, basically eating mountains of stir-fried veggies for breakfast and lunch and salad bar at Carl's Jr. for dinner. The Swedish doctor said eating his way would calm your hunger. I decided I would try it. Calming my hunger has been the biggest re-entry challenge after my PCT hikes.

I have not been perfect on eating this way, but today I noticed that the thought of eating one more high fat meal was quite unappealing. Yet I wasn't hungry anyway so it didn't matter. Hopefully this will work for me.

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