Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sick bird

My parrot is very sick. She may not live through the night. For some reason, birds only get sick on the worst possible days. I drove 200 miles trying to see an avian specialist in Calabassas only to find out he went to Spain. There is nothing I can do now but wait until the bird clinic opens tomorrow.

I called a bird breeder who said my poor bird is probably egg-bound. She has not laid an egg for a decade. Why try to lay one now?

I've got her in a humid, hot place. I do not think she can pass the egg, however. Her abdomen is all blobby and grotesquely distorted. I hope she will live through the night. My eyes are tired from crying. People have come and gone in my life these last 19 years but my bird has always been there with me.

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