Friday, April 15, 2011

Living in nature, what is it like?

I was at the college today where I have my data structures class. The college overlooks the ocean. I had this sudden thought, What would it have been like to have lived my entire life in nature, as a natural being? I thought of people like the Hazda
. I would be useless to them were I to try and live with them, but what if I had been one of them? What would my outlook on life be? What would I see when I look out over the ocean?

I recently discovered the Freeconomy blog. I've read some things there that really make me think. I feel drawn to the philosophies expressed there.

I may go backpacking this weekend. I just have to pack now. There are a lot of ticks right now. I've been bitten two weekends in a row. I hope I don't get another one. They freak me out. Nobody likes to be eaten alive. But even with all the ticks, I just have to get out there. I miss living in nature. I hate my life. I have to get away.

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