Monday, March 14, 2011

Peace Pilgrim

I've always admired Peace Pilgrim even before actually reading anything about or by her. Somehow I just always knew about her.

Peace Pilgrim walked all over the place with nothing more than the clothes she wore and a comb. It turns out she also walked the Appalachian Trail and was the first woman to hike the whole trail in a single year. Also, she did it at the same age I hiked the PCT and it looks like after she hiked the AT she became Peace Pilgrim and started her mission to walk around for Peace.

I guess living out in nature and walking affects some of us women similiarly. Or perhaps it is a certain kind of woman who is attracted to walking. Although I have not gone on a mission for peace or for just walking around, I do wish I could just keep on walking out in nature.

Little day hikes aren't quite enough. There is something about the lifestyle of the wanderer that just feels right to me.

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