Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Living and walking the backroads of America and Mexico

I found my way to this interesting story of a man who decided to just walk around America and Mexico for a while. He walks back roads mostly but manages to live kind of by trail magic. I found it inspiring.


  1. Great link. Thanks for posting it. You should add a "follow" section to your blog. I'm sure you'd have plenty of fans. By the way, I'm also a follower of Suelo's blog as are you.


  2. I'm glad you liked that guy's story. I hadn't even read the whole thing yet when I posted it on Suelo's blog. By the end I was really amazed how wonderful it was. In a way I think Jeffery has achieved a level of non-attachment to money that I think Suelo still struggles with.

    Many of Jeffery's experiences on his walks reminded me of some of the experiences I had on the PCT. Only he did so much more and went so much further into "trail magic" or the gift economy. I only wish I had the courage to do something like that.

    By the way, I only have 4 followers.