Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Is The Man thru-hiking or not?

The Man informed me that he sent away for a PCT permit, for Highway 74 to Canada. I admonished him for cheating because he has no intention of going to Canada. His plan is to go to Hikertown. This is less than the 500 miles required for a thru permit. But he said, maybe he does plan to go to Canada.

Knowing him, he may be planning just that. Now I'm left to stew not just in jealousy for a nice long section hike but potentially for nearly an entire thru hike. I threatened him if he continues past Hikertown, I'm quitting my job and joining him. Oddly that didn't make him happy or make him laugh. Maybe he just wants me to have some payback. Or maybe he just wants to be alone.

Meanwhile, I created a bookmarks folder on my computer and have been collecting web pages about the CDT and watching CDT videos. I really want to do the CDT now.

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