Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have Mondays off now and can go backpacking

My boss has cut everybody's hours in the office by at least 20%. I elected to do that by taking one day off each week. Supposedly this is temporary. I should be bummed that the company is in such dire straights or that I will be making less money but the only thing on my mind is that I have more time for backpacking.

This weekend we are planning to join the Sierra Club hike to Santa Paula Peak. This is a strenuous and somewhat crazy hike that starts out as a creek rock-hopping adventure, goes up to a camp that has the biggest picnic table I've ever seen, then goes to Santa Paula Peak and down. I think it's a car shuttle. The Man and I are a little bit worried about the creek part since the creeks were raging just a week ago. Hopefully they'll be reduce, but we are worried we'll be wading most of the way. I'm going to hope for the best.

This hike is on Saturday. But now with my extra day off, I still have Sunday and Monday to do a backpack. So I was thinking of hiking up Chorro Grande or maybe Hell's Half Acre. I haven't decided.

Meanwhile, on the same day the boss said we all had to cut our hours, a recruiter contacted me wanting to set me up with an interview at some company. Perhaps I will get a new job. A full-time job with benefits. On the one hand, I would be bummed to lose all my nice time off that I've used to take classes, make shoes and do day hikes, but on the other hand, I would make a lot more money and then I could save it all up and quit working forever. So part of me is resigned to setting aside life to work for a while.

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