Friday, February 25, 2011

I found an injured sea gull today

I found a bird today while walking home. It was sitting on the curb. The poor thing was tangled in a fishing lure. It was a seagull.

I picked up the poor bird and tried to use the pay phone at La Bamba market. I didn't have my cellphone. I had a really hard time calling 411. I guess their operators get paid to process calls quickly, not to actually help anyone. So two out of three times I got the answer "no listing" and they hung up on me. The first time I called I got the number but I couldn't remember it because I had to go inside and get some change to make the call and by the time I got the change I had forgotten the number. Then the next two times the operators hung up on me.

I ended up asking a lady walking by and she surfed the internet with her phone and found the number for Wildlife Care Network. I waited for almost an hour. I couldn't get anybody inside the market to help me with the bird. I needed to put it in something so it wouldn't struggle in my arms. I'm sitting there with this giant white bird in one arm and nobody would help me get a box. I could only use torn up boxes out of the trash to put the bird in and I had to dig them out of the trash myself while holding this giant, struggling bird.

I finally got the bird into a couple of broken boxes and it finally calmed down a little bit. Finally the lady from Wildlife Care Network came with a real box and she took the bird.

The poor bird had a fishing lure that looked like a fish stuck in both its beak and one foot. There was a three-pronged hook at both ends of the lure, so one hook in the beak and one in the foot. It couldn't fly or do anything except struggle.

I wonder sometimes about the people in my neighborhood. They never seem to care anything about animals. This is the 2nd time I have tried to get them to help me with animals and neither time did any of them show the slightest interest at all. I blame the Catholic Church for telling people that animals don't have souls. I believe all creatures are sentient.

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