Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fantasy life

I don't know why I feel so disatisfied right now. But I just feel like doing some dreaming. Escapist dreaming. Here is my typical day right now:

Wake up around 6AM. Get ready for work. Walk to work. That's a nice part of the day. Work until about 2 sitting in an office where I'm not really allowed to talk to other people. Sure I can try, but the conversation has to fit in about 2 minutes time because that's when the boss comes over and interrupts and makes sure you can't have a conversation. Doesn't matter if it's about getting your job done. Nobody is allowed to talk. We might actually make some plans or something. Then I walk home from work. That's another nice part of the day. Then I have the afternoon to do things I want to do. Often I fritter that time away. Why do I do it? Then The Man comes home and we eat too much for dinner and then I feel bad and wish I hadn't done that. Then we watch TV with our birds and go to bed. Pretty boring.

Here is my fantasy:

I wake up in some beautiful place somewhere. Maybe it's a forest with trees. Maybe it's a forest with chaparral. Maybe I am near enough to a town that I can pack up all my stuff and drive into town for some coffee and read the newspaper. Maybe I'm far away from town so I'll make my breakfast, eat it and pack my stuff. If I am hiking a trail, I'll hike all day. If I am just camping and exploring, maybe I'll jump in my truck and go see some beautiful places. Maybe I will find chanterelle mushrooms. Maybe I will find thimbleberries, huckleberries or blackberries. Maybe I will go fishing. Maybe I will do trail magic for people hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Maybe I will read a book all day. I'll eventually make some dinner, set up my tent and go to sleep. No TV watched, no pointless for-pay work, no waiting for years to pass when we are not enslaved to health insurance and can just go live.

Okay, I've indulged my fantasy. Time to go cook dinner.

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