Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are we potential 2012 hikers?

It was a gorgeous warm spring day today. Good for hiking. There were hot breezes in the sun and cool breezes in the shady canyons. The ceanothus was in bloom filling the air with fragrance. The Man and I hiked up to the top of the mountains and back down again.

Along the way we made crazy schemes up for hiking the PCT. I thought of doing it as a tag team. While one is hiking Section A, the other is driving the car up to the end of Section A, enjoying some rest, getting supplies ready, doing trail angeling. When the other arrives at the end of Section A, they switch. Now the one who did Section A gets to rest, resupply, do trail angeling while the other hikes Section B. Keep going like that slowly up the trail, making forward progress at about the same pace as regular thru-hikers. Repeat the following year so you get to do the sections you didn't do the previous year.

The Man thought it would be better to leap-frog up the trail. While one person is hiking Section A, the other has driven the car up to the end of Section A and is hiking Section B. When the first person gets to the end of Section A, they take the car up to the end of Section B and start hiking Section C. That way forward progress is made at the pace of two sections at once. Since we'd get to the Sierras too soon, we'd turn around at Kennedy Meadows and hike back to the border letting each other do the sections we each didn't do the first time.

I liked my idea better because then we could bring the birds with us and not have to pay for expensive boarding. He liked his idea better. I don't really care either way because it's all just crazy talk.

Or is it? He said in 2012 he will turn 62 and be old enough to retire. He could quit his job to hike the PCT and if he didn't find another job when he got back, he could take early Social Security and retire right then and there. Wow, could we really be hiking the PCT in 2012?

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