Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great weaher this time of year

Beautiful weather this weekend. Just like summer. It is this time of year when I am glad to be in Santa Barbara. We have terrible summers. 6 months of the year are socked in with fog. But around this time of year, between crisp cold spells and storms that bring interesting sunrises and sunsets, there are theses gorgeous summer-like periods.

I think it was in the 80s today. Actually a little too hot. Last night the company holiday party was held outside and I didn't need a jacket. That's more than I can say for the average day inside any office.

The air is pretty clean, too, so there are crisp views. The fall colors are out so the wilderness is full of color. Recent rains have sprouted the green grass. I even saw my first spring wildflower in bloom—a Shooting star.

Too bad the weekend's nearly over. It was too short.

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