Saturday, November 27, 2010

Homemade Ugg boots

I made Ugg-style boots. Upholstery fabric, fleece and scrap fabric liner. I added a seam binding. This is really nice and hides the stitching of the upper to the sole. I will do that in the future if I make any more shoes.

I simply cannot seem to get the heel portion of my shoes right. My foot slides off the back or my heel rises up. If I tie around the ankle that prevents the problem, so I will find something nice to tie around the ankles. It is very discouraging that every pair of shoes seems to have this problem. So, I added a webbing strap inside the boot around my ankle. That seems to work.

They look really good and I am very proud of them.


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  1. Awesome Job!! Good for you. :) Way to be crafty and thrifty!