Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big hike today, maybe, and packing for a trip

I'm going on a huge hike today. Maybe. It was pouring rain last night with lightning and thunder. One of the trails on my hike gets really muddy with a potential to fall 40 feet into a ravine if you slip on the mud, which isn't hard to do. Or the trail might not even be there after all that mud. But I told everybody rain or shine, we were doing the hike. It'll be 17.5 miles. I didn't hardly move my body at all the entire week last week. I don't know if I am up for it.

Yesterday I packed up my backpack for a trip The Man and I hope to take over Thanksgiving. Except with all the rain maybe there will be too much snow. The Man wants to go back to San Jacinto where he fell earlier this year and try to complete section B of the PCT.

So I packed up my pack. It was a very sad feeling to have to search and search through boxes and various places all over the house for my gear. How does it go from having all your stuff so readily available and easy to find on the trail to not being able to find the simplest of your gear at home? How did it get out of my pack and into those boxes?

I toyed with the idea of bringing my big huge 3lb old sleeping bag in addition to my lighter one so I could be super warm and toasty. Maybe just the big bag by itself. Ugh, the heavy weight of a late season trip. I hope there isn't much snow by then. We need a nice heat wave for a few days.

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