Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Visitors coming

I can't believe that one week ago it was 107 degrees. Today it's freezing and it is supposed to rain tonight. Weather here is just too extreme. A 75 degree comfortable, sunny day? Forget it!

We have guests coming on Thursday night. I'm worried about the birds. Ariel, our umbrella cockatoo, loves guests. She loves them way too much. She gets all fascinated by them and ends up crawling all over them. Especially male guests. She'll get so hyped up on having this guest over that eventually she'll bite, probably on the ear, which is extremely painful. I still have a dent in my ear where she bit my ear once.

I'm also worried about the concert. They guests are coming so they can go to a concert, so we got tickets to the concert too. I have a hard time with concerts. Not only can I not dance at all, I don't like loud music. I can never sleep after loud music and wake up feeling hung over. So I'm dreading it.

I continue to work on making shoes. I decided to try to make some out of a pair of men's swim trunks. I found big ones, size 44. Enormous enough to make a pair of shoes and have a little fabric leftover. Swim trunks come with grommets at the waist with a shoelace to tie them on. If I could find a few more pairs of swim trunks, I would have enough grommets to make lacing for my shoes!

I ordered some more hiking boot soles. I might try to glue them to my Feelmaxes and use them for hiking, or I'll save them for whenever I finally succeed at making a pair of hiking shoes. Meanwhile, if I make shoes that are good enough for ordinary use but not good enough for hiking, I might try using mouse pads for soles. Plenty of those available.

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