Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shoes and whales

black_and_blue4.JPGI made my last pair of shoes for a while. I finally succeeded at making a pair of hiking shoes. They are polyester fabric for light weight, breathability and quick drying. They have a Vibram hiking boot sole. The blue is flip-flop foam.

I hope to test them on the trails next weekend.

It's totally liberating to be able to make your own shoes. Not just sandals, but shoes. Shoes don't have to be so complicated. They can be really simple. It really bugs me that it is like trying to turn an ocean liner to get shoe companies to do anything different. "Oh no, we can't make zero-drop shoes, people will hurt themselves." "Oh no, we can't make wide shoes, people want their feet to look narrow and pretty." They can go on and on as much as they like now. I'm free of them.

My whale job starts again this week. I will be too busy to make any more shoes. But since finally achieved my goal, I don't need anymore shoes for a while.

I will be listening to whales again. But not much for BP. Seems they were a little too busy last summer to do much exploration. I wish my whale job was my only job. I am not liking my programming job lately.

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