Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I hate my life right now

I hate my life right now. My typical day:

Go to work. Spend the whole day churning away at some project whose parameters change minute by minute. Get yelled at because I didn't read my boss' mind about the latest change. Go back and change it again. Meanwhile, as I'm trying to write the code, I'm interrupted every five minutes with questions, new projects, bugs in other projects, explanations about projects that aren't even mine, training, answering more questions. I cannot complete a thought. I cannot write code in an environment like this.

Go home. Spend a few hours alone with nobody to interrupt me. Ahh, the only peace I get other than while sleeping.

Man comes home. He talks constantly during the TV. He talks at the TV. He explains to me what is going on on the TV. He talks to the bird during the TV so I can't listen. I don't pay attention to the TV and then he interrupts constantly to comment on what is on the TV and then gets mad at me for not paying attention. Then when I pay attention he starts talking about something else. Then he gets mad when I can't remember a conversation or something on the news or whatever later.

I cannot pay attention to everything all at once at the same time. I cannot complete any thoughts. I feel like I have no time of my own except those few hours every day. Every minute of the rest of my day is too jammed with too may tugs in too many directions. I really hate my life right now.

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