Monday, September 20, 2010

I tested my hiking sandals

I tested my new hiking sandals today. I walked to work and home wearing them. Then I did a short hike on Rattlesnake Trail wearing them. They are very comfortable and have great traction.

It feels like my feet slip backwards in them a little bit when I walk uphill. They are definitely too long. One thing I have to keep in mind is that the heel will be set flush with the edge. When you try on flip-flops, your heel isn't flush with the back edge. But in these shoes they will be. So that means they were about two inches too long in front.

I didn't glue the front of the sole on one foot very well and it started coming loose. I remember when I was gluing them together I went out to check and it looked like one of them wasn't sticking in front. I thought by putting heavier things on top I fixed it, but apparently I didn't. I will have to reglue them. No big deal.

They are all dusty now so I washed them and will have to wait for them to dry before I can glue them.

I would like to try and make another pair. Use smaller and thinner flip-flops and see if I could make them out of something other than leather. It is fun to make your own shoes.

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