Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hiking gear from the thrift store

I scored at the thrift store today. I found a North Face hiking skirt. It had all the features I want in a hiking skirt: Wide skirt so you can actually hike, pockets and belt loops. I also found a pair of Patagonia hiking pants without zip-offs. They, too, have belt-loops and decent pockets. I have to have belt loops because if it's a long hike, I might lose weight. Also, too many clothing items are made so your butt crack shows when you sit down. A belt helps prevent that.

Both of these items appeared to be brand new, never worn. Unfortunately, both items were too big. The skirt was a size 14 and the pants a size 12. I bought them anyway and used my sewing machine on them to make the waist bands fit better. The big pants are nice because I have big thighs so at least they are generous enough to hike in.

I have been searching for these two items for about a year. I'm glad I found them even if they weren't the right size.

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