Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PCT Tattoo, failure on the new shoes, and I have a rash

I think I want a PCT Tattoo. I went to a tattoo place to make an appointment for a consultation. The tattoo would, of course, go on my leg. I'd like a map of the trail and the emblem and maybe some flowers or something. I'm not very artistic so I am hoping they can do something nice without me having to draw it. I kept imagining a post with the emblem on it and I found an image online that looked just like what I was imagining, but I'm not sure that would look right on my leg.

They said they could make my existing tattoo look a lot better. I would really like that. I've never been all that happy with it. Now I'm not sure if I should get a new tattoo and ignore my old one or fix my old one or do both.

I ordered some hand-made shoes from a company that makes them custom to a tracing of your foot. I sent in my tracing but they said I didn't need a custom shoe. Their regular pattern would fit me. They finally sent the shoes but they were so tight my toes were completely squished. I could hardly put them on. They hurt really bad and my feet went numb. I had to send them back. I felt bad about that because I had high hopes and I didn't want to have to send back hand-made shoes. They were like 4 sizes smaller than I would choose.

I can't figure out what to do about hiking shoes. My sandals work well but my local trails aren't in good shape like the PCT. There are foxtails that ruin your socks. I sewed some leather socks from a leather dress I found one day. Maybe that will work. But my fur-lined Chacos will catch foxtails in the fur. I just don't know what to do. I almost want to take a class in shoemaking so I can make my own shoes that fit me the way I want them to.

Meanwhile, I have a terrible rash. It started before my hike in the Sierras. It seemed like it was starting to go away during the hike. Immediately after taking a shower at Parcher's Resort, I broke out in hives again. I've itched all over ever since. It's mostly on my lower legs and lower arms, but today it has traveled up to my upper arms, my cheeks and my ears and moved down to my hands and fingers. I scratched my arm silly and noticed a big blood blister during work.

I wish I knew what was causing the rash. I thought it might be jojoba oil. I stopped using jojoba oil before my trip but I still had the rash. I thought it might be laundry detergent since the rash came back after I put on a clean skirt. We bought costco laundry detergent a few weeks ago. I have a long history of being sensitive to laundry detergent.

I've washed most of my clothes and the sheets in our old laundry detergent but the rash is still here and getting worse. It's truly awful. And now suddenly summer has at long last arrived. So I am hot and incredibly itchy.

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