Sunday, August 08, 2010

Apple gave me the creeps

I went to the Apple store for the first time. I have used Apple computers since the 90s and have always liked them but I had never been to an Apple store. We have a local store that I usually go to. It's small and out of the way and not very fancy inside. There are always long lines of people there who use their computers for work so it has truly knowledgeable staff that can fix anything and sell you exactly what you need for your work.

Anyway, I thought I would drop in to the Apple store to see what an iPad looks like. I determined that the Apple store gives me the creeps. It's like a robot store.

I got the sense that all the iPads and iPhones and similar gadgets were there to serve one single purpose which was to direct your attention into various apps that are really just sales channels for various companies Apple has partnered with. I did not find this to be cool at all but instead very creepy.

I walked out deciding I probably would never get an iPad or iPhone or go to another Apple store. I have a MacBook now, but maybe my next computer will be a home-made box running Linux.

Later I walked up the street and tried my very first Pinkberry frozen yogurt. I have to say that it was the finest cup of frozen yogurt I have ever tasted. I will definitely return.

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