Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Was I a victim of nefarious web use?

I had a sudden realization that maybe my hiking site had gained a surge in popularity because I had a page that nefarious evil people could abuse. So I turned that page into a trap for the evil ones and retired it for the good guys. But a search through my logs shows no abuse to that page. So the surge in popularity must have resulted from being written about in the Snooze Repressed.

I rarely look at my logs, but when I do I find them interesting. Firefox wins over Internet Explorer these days. With Firefox and Safari combined, Internet Explorer is just a small fraction.

People like 7 falls. They search for it all the time.

Evil people attempt to get into my log stats. I don't publish them so I am very annoyed. Looks like evil robots have learned how to find URLs within javascript code. I get a lot of 404 errors from that.

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