Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Backpacking trips coming up

Wow, the sun came out yesterday and it's out again today! Maybe summer has arrived for a few days. I really notice how much shorter the days are already. Last time I saw the sun in the evening, it seemed to last much later.

I asked for some time off. I'll be taking a little time off at the end of this month to head up to Nor Cal. Hope to do a little hiking on the PCT. Maybe from Bucks Summit to Highway 36. I can't seem to get The Man fired up about it. Oh well, if he doesn't want to go then whatever. I really hate a life not lived, which is how I feel most days are lately.

Then I will take off a week in August to go hike the Evolution Valley.

I found a good picture of a bird with plastic in its belly. I had this idea to print it on transfer paper and iron it on to a piece of fabric to sew on to my reusable shopping bag. There's not much messaging on it in the hopes somebody will ask me a question. Or I might just put more information on it and print it on paper and tack it up on trailheads. I need a picture of a turtle eating a plastic bag for the trails, I think, because of all the plastic dog poop bags people leave on the trails. There's a lot more of that on the trails than what's in the poor bird's belly.

I feel a little uncomfortable doing anything activist-like. I have a friend who is an in-your-face kind of activist and has no shame about it and while it can be annoying, I have to respect him. I usually just keep quiet. Like when my boss was joking about how these frogs in California are going to have some habitat set aside for several million dollars. He thought they should all just die because that's evolution. I hate hearing people say things like that because those people are very childish. Their whole lives exists in a state of infantile gratification. They're going to dismantle the ecosystem of the Earth before they can die off. That's not evolution. It's greed and hubris. But I said nothing.

I certainly can't change the minds of people like that, but maybe I can show people who already care that the lefty health food store is full of environmentally dangerous products and more choices have to be made than just where you shop. It doesn't help the environment to drive your Prius to Trader Joes and fill up your cart with olive oil from France and individually plastic-wrapped potatoes from god knows where.

It's all pretty futile I'm sure.

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  1. I used to be an in-your-face person.
    Then one day I got tired of being mad. It doesn't do any good. Then I just sort or removed myself from the picture.. kind of like being an alien looking in. I've been a lot happier since.

    I'm heading out to the trail soon myself. Maybe I'll see you out there.

    Sounds like a crazy amount of snow in Trinity Alps and Lassen but maybe it'll be melted by then.