Thursday, June 24, 2010

More new shoes

I have been happy with my handmade Piper sandals. They feel good, they look good and they are made well with quality materials.

With this happy experience, I decided I would order a pair of custom-made leather shoes from Native Earth. They will be made to a tracing and measurements of my feet. They will be a simple pair of light boots with a flat, no-heel lug sole. I will use them for hiking if they fit well. Leather shoes will keep the foxtails out.

Additionally, I ordered another pair of Chacos in the wide width without the toe loop.

My plan is to eliminate all poor-fitting footwear from my closet and wear only top-quality foootwear that fits and that can be resoled and repaired. The initial cost will be worth it if the shoes are long-lasting and can be repaired. No more disposable, ill-fitting, over-engineered, plastic running shoes for me.

That's my plan anyway. I do not know if after all these years of wearing low-cut shoes I can go back to ankle-high shoes. And I don't know if I can deal with leather after enjoying breathable mesh. The boots may be for the cooler months and the sandals for warmer.

Goodwill got a lot of my old shoes when I came back from hiking the PCT. They're about to get more.


  1. What style did you order? Do you know how much they weigh yet?

  2. I ordered the Lachet Boot. The plainest ones. I used to have similar shoes but low-cut and very heavy. They had a gum sole. I had the sole replaced with a crepe sole and they weighted very little after that. So I think that these won't weigh a lot. The best thing is they will make them to fit my 4E feet.