Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What should I do this weekend?

I might go backpacking this weekend. I didn't hike last weekend. I haven't really gotten any exercise at all for a couple weeks now. It's bad. Especially since they make me eat donuts every day at work. (You don't know my boss.)

I'm not sure where to go. I could go back to the PCT and hike to Sawmill mountain like I planned to do last weekend. That would be fun because I might see other hikers. I could also hike to Pine Mountain Club near Ojai and probably see nobody at all yet be in wilderness that resembles the PCT in many ways.

On another note, someone sent me a personal message that they felt that whenever I send an email to a particular email list I participate in, that nearly all my messages rub that person the wrong way. Why would anyone go out of their way to say something like that to someone else? Lots of people bother me but I don't feel a need to tell them so. I really hate people sometimes.

I'm filing this under boring news even though it's not even news. It's even more boring than boring news.

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