Friday, May 14, 2010

Trail angeling planned for this weekend

My plan while The Man was hiking the PCT was to go for an overnighter this weekend on the PCT. I planned to hike from San Francisquito Rd. to Sawmill Mountain or so. The Man wasn't due to be there, I just felt like I wanted to revisit the spot where I looked to the west and thought I could see mountains from my home turf that I recognized. That sense of looking home stayed with me and eventually led me to hike from my home to the PCT. I got to walk through those mountains I saw. I hoped to have a chance to go back to that spot and look at those mountains again.

But The Man has been home recovering from his sprained ankle instead of hiking the PCT. He feels quite a bit better lately. I suggested that maybe instead of me going backpacking by myself that maybe the two of us could try to be trail angels for the day. I offered various scenarios like maybe he could hang out at the Casa de Luna while I backpacked out to Sawmill Mountain. Or maybe we could go to Agua Dulce and see if people needed a ride to REI in Northridge and I could drive to Northridge while he hung out with any hiker buddies he might know. He didn't seem eager for any of it so I kept trying to suggest alternate plans.

Today I came home from work and noticed that he had packed his backpacking backpack. I guess he wants to go. I asked if he really thought he could walk on his ankle. He wasn't sure. He might be up for a short walk in the Vasquez Rocks or maybe he just wants to camp behind the ranger station on San Francisquito Road. We'll play it by ear. Maybe we'll just show up in Agua Dulce and nobody will want anything, we'll get his bandana and come right home.

I picked some avocados to give away but they won't be ripe for at least a week or two. I have a couple pairs of decent shoes to give away if anyone needs any. We'll probably pick up some drinks. Hopefully we can be of help, although nowadays it seems like hikers have so much help they can hardly appreciate it anymore.

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