Sunday, May 02, 2010

A little better day today

I survived another Sierra Club hike. This one went better. Mr. Cloud of Perfume showed up but didn't ride in my car. He ate a block of cheese and a salami for lunch. I'm off the hook for leading hikes until the end of the month. There goes my Memorial Day weekend.

I plan to go backpacking next weekend. Leaving Wednesday evening actually. I'm struggling with what to bring. What shoes to handle the 300 creek crossings? What shelter to carry unused without too much resentment for the unnecessary weight? Will there be mosquitoes? Bare legs that get wet in streams and scratched up on bushes or wet pant legs and no scratches? Try out no-cook food or enjoy the usual stuff I'm used to?

The weekend after that I think I'd like to drive out to the Casa de Luna area on the PCT and hike out to Sawmill Mountain and back. Maybe The Man would like to come with me. He could stay at the Casa and experience the debauchery for himself while I hike by myself pretending to be a real hiker for 48 hours.

Maybe the weekend after that I can attempt Fuller Ridge to Snow Canyon. Or maybe go for heat and hike from I10 to Mission Creek and back. Or maybe even return to Casa de Luna and hike to Agua Dulce and back.

I think living as I do with the PCT within a 200 mile radius of me means that I could actually keep a connection to the trail with some determination.

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