Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Last minute gear choices for my trip

I've decided to bring my tent on my trip this weekend. Even though I have a poncho tarp and a big 8x10 tarp that I could bring, I always come back to my Gossamer Gear One tent. It's really the lightest option of all my choices even though it's not the lightest individual thing. With the other tarps I still have to bring lines and stakes and some kind of mosquito net and then I'm stuck without a generous space of protection against mosquitoes and flies. So basically, I get significantly less with a tarp for only a few tiny ounces of weight savings, if any. So I always come back to my tent as the best option for weather and bugs. I think I'll sleep out under the stars, though. It'll just be extra, unused weight, which is unfortunate, but I don't want to be ill-prepared.

I'm still wondering about the skirt. I've never backpacked in a skirt. I worry that poison oak and scratchy brush will bother me. I have leggings I can wear but will it hold up under foxtails and scrub oak? Nothing to do but give it a try.

As for footwear, I am leaning toward my Keen sandals with liner socks to prevent blisters which I always get on the top of my feet. They are so clunky and stiff, but I wore them yesterday and my feet actually felt good at the end of the day, so maybe I'll be happy with the choice.

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