Thursday, April 15, 2010

Off to Campo with my new fingerless gloves

I'm heading down to the border sometime today to drop off The Man on his big adventure hiking 700 miles of the PCT. I hope we leave soon because otherwise we'll get there in the dark.

I'll be bringing hiking gear so I can hike a little with him. I will probably hike an hour with him in the same direction, then hike back, move the car to the next night's location and then hike south until I meet him on the trail, and hike back to the car. I'll do this Friday and Saturday. I might hike with him a little while on Sunday, but then I'll have to turn around and go home.

I'll be bringing a pair of fleece fingerless gloves I sewed myself on my sewing machine. To make them, I laid my hand on a piece of paper with my fingers spread wide and traced around them with a pen. Then I added about a quarter inch around the tracing. Then I cut out the tracing and traced it on to the fleece with a marker. Then I added a little more edge as I cut it out. I pinned the two sides together and sewed with a somewhat narrow and short zig-zag stitch as close to the edge as I could get. Then I turned them inside out and cut off the finger tips. I tested them riding my Vespa and while they are close-fitting they are warm. This fleece sweater I found at the thrift shop that I've made a few things from is the warmest, lightest, thinnest fleece I've ever seen. I wish I could find another sweat shirt, but I guess I'm out of things to make.

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