Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I think I have all the shoes I need now

I just received what I believe will be the first pair of expensive New Balance shoes I will ever like. They are the MT 100s.

They are designed for ultramarathon races. They are relatively flat (very low heel), relatively not cushioned, and very light. There's no insole inside. There is no foam in the upper. No foam on the tongue or anywhere else that I can tell. They do not feel stiff. Even the top part, the fabric, is not stiff, which is good because they are fairly narrow. I hope that won't problem. The fabric seems stretchy and it's not like my feet feel scrunched. It feels like a slipper.

It's a stinky shoe, though. I have them sitting outside to air out the chemical smell. Smells sort of like bandaids. If you touch them and then put your hand near your face, you can't get the smell off of you. You can even taste it. It's pretty awful.

I'm looking forward to hiking in them. I think I will like them.

So now, with my barefoot Feelmax Osmas, the cheap New Balance flat shoes I bought at the thrift store for jogging, these new New Balance shoes I bought for trail running and hiking and all the other shoes I own, I think I have all the shoes I need for a while. No more shoe shopping.

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