Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good-bye to the PCT

I have felt such profound disappointment over the end of The Man's PCT hike. I guess I understand why he didn't want me to come home early. You really can vicariously live someone else's hike.

Even though I was only the support person, there was a thrill in sending the packages and looking at his schedule and wondering where he was. I felt connected to the trail. Now there is no more connection. It's very sad.

I have a nice backpack trip coming up in the San Rafael. A couple of day hikes to lead this weekend, too. Will I ever hike the PCT again? I hope so, but at the moment, it feels like it is a million miles away and I have nothing more to say because I have nothing more to do with it. Because real life is out on the trail and the trail is home to me, where am I now? Where is home now?

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