Monday, March 15, 2010

Too much exercise!

I'm feeling pretty exhausted. I think I have overtraining syndrome, which is a fancy word for it's time to take a little rest.

Last week I hiked Rattlesnake Trail on Tuesday, did a big loop of a run on Thursday, lead a strenuous 6 mile Sierra Club hike on Saturday and went on a strenuous 10 mile Sierra Club hike on Sunday. On Rattlesnake trail I hiked as fast as I possibly could going up and ran going down. On my big loop run I ran from the West Side to Alamar and Foothill and down the Rocky Nook trail and back to my house. On Saturday we did an off-trail adventure and I hiked as fast as I possibly could up from Forbush Flat at the end. On Sunday the trail was really steep and we climbed up to almost 7000 foot elevation.

On Saturday night I got a terrible case of the hiccups. Sometimes I get these killer hiccups that won't go away. I was left with pain whenever I breathed deeply. Not being able to breathe deep made it hard to do the hike on Sunday.

In short, it's time to relax a little, take it easy.

I miss being invincible and super human like I was on the PCT. I'm sad that my super human abilities are lost.

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